Email Is The True Holy Grail of Leads Conversion

As social media grows, it seems businesses are less minded for collecting emails and more enthusiastic about getting likes, shares and website visits. However, marketing systems are growing too, and the use of email is more evolved than it was a few years ago. Today email address collects almost everything about the user and should be, in my opinion, the first thing in the lead generation funnel.
Here are just a selected sweet and simple options in which we use email to get the user engaged and targeted once an email is collected.

Why you should care about email more than anything else:

  1. Targeting on Facebook and Instagram
    By uploading an email list to Facebook’s Customized Audience feature, you can do pinpoint advertising to your crowd. That way you can build a funnel for them. From getting them to like your FB page to liking a post dedicated just to the particular person, to visiting a landing page or filling up a lead form. Facebook has it.
  2. Email marketing
    Email is not dead. Although everyone communicates through social media and apps like Slack, the usage of email stays high. The open rates of emailers stand on an average of 20%-25%, which is significant. That means if you’re sending to 1,000 emails, 200 will open it and give it a run through the content.
    Also, any mailing system such as MailChimp and similar today tells you exactly who from the list pressed on which links in your email. For me, that was a fantastic sales tool, when I noticed a lead pressing links a few times. Meaning we’re in his field-of-view and we can contact for a potential next step.
  3. Remarketing on anything
    Remember the fact that you can prepare a particular Display (website banners) and Youtube ad campaigns that are targeted based on email. The fact that you can do that makes it an interactive way to convert users and follow them on any website they visit, and video they watch is amazing to me. Also, building Matched Audiences on LinkedIn advertising platform enables to sponsor ads solely for your email list when they are visiting LinkedIn.
  4. Invite through email
    You have the option to send a Facebook notification to your mailing list. You may not know that, and it’s free. Not part of the FB advertising module.
    It’s found under the three dots option next to Share button on your business page. It’s called ‘Invite Email Contacts.’ They get a Facebook notification and are more likely to use it since it’s not an ad, more of a recommendation.

Email is your key to a person. Once you got it, they are hooked, and you are able to not rest until conversion happens. In that sense, it is also crucial to make sure emails are up to date. In email marketing systems, for example, you receive a notification on emails that bounced. Don’t let it lay, find out what happened and if it’s worth it, do the research to update the email.