3 Go-To Questions That Comes Before a Marketing Plan

Both established and new companies, in some point of the company life-cycle, run into the problem of distilling the brand narrative. Usually, the problem is the same. No, it’s not the fact that it’s a market full of competitors. It’s the fact that the internal team is so into their own work, failures, beliefs and so forth, that the story becomes tangled and overloaded. Every word becomes important, all aspects need to be addressed, and the messaging should fit all audiences that the product can serve, big or small.

However, this should not be the case and it’s fairly easy for an outsider to see the way out to a clearer view:

  1. What benefits are you selling? – It’s never a product, it’s always about solving something: saving time, saving money, making someone look better, peace of mind and so on and so forth. The product is a means to an end and until we know exactly what it is you sell we cannot know precisely and clearly how to sell the story.
  2. What are your business objectives? It can be raising funds, growing users list to 10k or user retention by 15%. Being frank about the objective is something I find as elusive to companies. It’s easy to define big goals but difficult to run like crazy, blindfolded, to achieve them. However, it’s difficult to define small, close-range goals but achieving them is much easier, since we’re pinpoint focused and know exactly where we’re going.
  3. What is the shared value between questions 1 and 2?  To achieve the business objective at hand in the near future you’ll need to do it will the low hanging fruits we found the easiest audience to reach.

For example, if we found that best benefit goes to women, mothers to small kids in need of home repair app to get small things fixed around the house and our business objective is to grow audience to achieve 2,000 active users – that’s the target audience, that’s  the product and that’s the story we’ll tell. Erasing Enterprise, Men, Old people’s homes and whichever other targets could fit in the long run.


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